Siskiyou Substance Abuse Coalition

Initially funded by the California Endowment, the Siskiyou Substance Abuse Coalition (SSAC) provides leadership to prevent and reduce substance abuse by supporting community efforts including: implementing youth protective factors, addressing environmental strategies, changing social norms, coordinating/maximizing resources and supporting effective prevention-intervention systems.

Beginning September 30, 2010 the CSC received a 5-year Federal Drug Free Communities Grant to support SSAC in its goals of reducing substance use, with a primary focus on youth. During 2011/12 a new program coordinator was hired, several local coalitions were formed and local and countywide coalition participants received training in the research-validated Strategic Prevention Framework process for substance abuse prevention. During 2012/13 Communities Mobilizing for Change for Alcohol (CMCA) training was provided, along with youth strategic planning, a Youth Leadership Summit, Social Norms Training and attendance at the CADCA National Leadership Forum in Grand Harbor, MD.



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