September 2001

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved the concept of the Community Services Council (CSC) to oversee the coordination, research and development of policies affecting service delivery in Siskiyou County and to function as the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC).

November 2002

The Siskiyou County BOS approved a contract with Jill Phillips to serve as Executive Director of the CSC.

December 2003

The CSC secured 3-1/2 years of Small Counties Initiative funding in the amount of $410,000, to support development of the Family Resource Network. Beginning with 3 Family Resource Centers (FRC’s), the CSC worked in partnership with First 5 Siskiyou and multiple communities to develop and build capacity in an additional 7 FRC’s.

October 2005

The CSC became a 501(c.) 3 corporation. Membership of the CSC board remained similar to the originally designated representation of policy level members as appointed by the BOS.

January 2006

The CSC received a 4-year grant from The Ford Family Foundation (TFFF) in the amount of $200,000 (later increased to $250,000 over 6 years) to develop the first evidence-based, countywide parenting education program in the county. The CSC also began implementation of the “Family Based Relapse Prevention,” program throughout the county.

January 2007

The CSC worked closely with Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services to initiate the Mental Health Services Act Program – Prop 63 (MHSA) to increase access to mental health service and supports in communities throughout Siskiyou County.

March 2008

The CSC received an 18-month planning grant from The California Endowment (TCE) to conduct a community planning process for coordination and establishment of a multi-disciplinary continuum of enhanced alcohol and drug services.

September 2010

As a result of the planning grant from TCE, the CSC received a 5-year, $625,000 federal Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant. The goal of the DFC grant was to reduce substance use with a primary focus on youth prevention. Local DFC coalitions were formed and trained on a research-validated “Strategic Prevention Framework” process for local implementation. A second 5-year DFC grant application is pending as of April 2016.

September 2011

CSC opened the Oxford House, sober-living home providing housing for up to 6 residents. As the original intent of the Oxford House becoming self-sustaining was never reached, the facility was closed in April 2016, after several unsuccessful attempts to identify a more suitable fiscal agent.

December 2011

The Siskiyou County BOS reaffirmed the role of the CSC in “overseeing the coordination, research and development of policies affecting the service delivery in Siskiyou County and in this capacity will serve as advisory to the BOS.” Additionally, the BOS affirmed that it is the policy of the Board to support a community-based model for services delivery in Siskiyou County.

July 2012

CSC received a $595,000 grant from TFFF for the Siskiyou Strong Families-Strong Communities program, to initiate a 3-year child abuse prevention, early intervention and community engagement effort

November 2014

The CSC was awarded a grant from the Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) in the amount of $75,000 to support the work of a task group formed by the Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative to “Advance Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration through Community Collaboration.” As a result of a successful planning process, the CSC was awarded 2nd round funding in the Fall of 2015, from BSCF in the amount of $93,000 to continue project implementation and a 3rd round of funding for $149,000 to support 2 additional years of work.

The CSC was awarded an 18-month grant from TFFF in the amount of $258,000 for Stabilization and Capacity Enhancement of the FRC Network. Work began on training, consideration and evaluation of various options in early 2015. In March 2016 a no-cost extension of the grant to December 2016 was approved.

June 2015

Upon the resignation of Jill Phillips, Executive Director, Kathy Suvia was appointed as Executive Director.

January 2016

CSC hired staff for administration and oversight of all programs that had previously been done through contract with Shasta Training & Consulting, a management corporation.

February 2016

The Siskiyou County CAO, after deliberation with County Counsel, affirmed the independence of the CSC as a nonprofit corporation that will continue to serve as the Child Abuse Prevention Council for Siskiyou County

Fall 2016

CSC became a lead partner and administrative entity for the Siskiyou Anti-Trafficking Coalition (SATCo). Efforts have been focused on increasing community awareness and identifying local strategies.

November 2016

CSC was asked to partner with Siskiyou Child Care Council (SCCC) in the Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children sexual abuse prevention training. Two CSC staff members were invited to become trainers and completed the certified course.








Spring 2017

CSC partnered with local health and emergency services providers in the Siskiyou Against Rx Abuse (SARA) to target opioid abuse. CSC was awarded a grant from California Department of Public Health in the amount of $52,498 to support the efforts of SARA.