The CSC is a nonprofit 501c.3. organization serving the people of Siskiyou County since 2002. Designated by the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors as the Child Abuse Prevention Council, the CSC has developed and facilitated myriad programs within the realm of child abuse prevention. Key to that effort was support to the development of local family resource centers in the county.

The current focus of the CSC is to research and promote countywide strategies aimed at the root causes of child abuse. This maximizes the involvement of CSC Board members, who are all policy level professionals and targets their efforts in providing leadership to address issues such as substance abuse, poverty, mental illness and homelessness. Planned strategies include convening and facilitating collaboration within the county to more specifically target the gaps contributing to the root causes of child abuse as mentioned above.

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CSC is located in Mt. Shasta, CA and serves Siskiyou County in northern California.